Four Winds Research - dedicated to sustainable product design and manufacturing
Our Research Team
Our research partners offer a broad range of sustainability and product development technology and market research expertise:
Cambashi, Ltd.
52 Mawson Road                                                                          
CB1 2HY                                                                                         
United Kingdom 
Cambashi is a market research, industry analyst and consulting firm based in Cambridge, UK, and Boston, MA, US. Our independent research and analysis delivers compelling insights on the use of IT to address business issues in manufacturing, process, distribution, energy, utilities and construction industries. Our consulting analysts partner with clients worldwide to clarify decisions, assess trends, articulate value and craft an effective path to market rewards. We deliver global market data and industry training, and apply our extensive industry knowledge to each client’s unique situation.
Ora Research, LLC
P.O. Box 1066
New York, NY 10116 USA
Ora Research analyzes new technologies for product development optimization, manufacturing process improvement, capital project risk mitigation, and infrastructure and asset sustainment. For engineering, manufacturing and construction organizations and capital asset owner/operators we research best practices for selecting and implementing new technologies, and for optimizing work processes to maximize technology’s value. For technology developers we qualify and quantify new market opportunities and validate demand drivers.
Four Winds Research, LLC
6 Nutt Street
Nashua, NH 03060 USA
Four Winds Research is a market research and analysis firm dedicated to sustainable product design and manufacturing. Our research is focused on identifying the key issues and challenges facing designers and engineers today as they attempt to create sustainable products; understanding how organizations can effectively apply sustainability principles in product design and development both internally and across the supply chain;  and the critical role that sustainability metrics, tools, and technologies promise to play in product design and manufacturing in the coming decade.