Four Winds Research - dedicated to sustainable product design and manufacturing
About Us
Four Winds Research, LLC is an independent market research and analysis firm focused on topics related to sustainability.
Our current research is focused on:
  • identifying the key issues and challenges facing designers and engineers today as they attempt to create sustainable products;
  • understanding how organizations can effectively apply sustainability principles in product design and development internally and across the supply chain;  and
  • the critical role that sustainability metrics, tools, and technologies promise to play in product design and manufacturing in the years ahead
Working together with its research partners, Four Winds Research  provides technology and market research and analysis services aimed at senior-level executives as well as those responsible for executing corporate sustainability initiatives at the product level - including engineering, manufacturing and design professionals engaged in sustainable design and manufacturing. Our mission is to examine sustainability issues, challenges and opportunities across multiple industry sectors, including: automotive, aerospace, industrial equipment, high tech electronics, and consumer products – and to report on sustainability tools and technologies, best practices and market trends.
To learn how your organization can participate in our technology and market research programs, please contact us.